Sorry old high school, you are not my friend.

Facebook is a funny thing for so many reasons.  Ever since I first joined Facebook, friends have sent me “Friend Suggestions” that I add one of my former high schools (yes the school itself) as a “friend”.   Now let me be clear, it doesn’t bother me at all that people have suggested it to me.  And I have nothing against my former friends and classmates from that school.  I have been quite happy to catch up with them online, etc.  But friending the school itself…. It’s just not going to happen.  There is nothing about that particular school that I “Like”, would ever recommend to anyone, or would want to display on my page that I was “friends” with, not in any way shape or form.  So in case that is remotely fuzzy…  It would be a cold day in Hades before I would call that school my friend.

So I regularly click “Ignore” to the “suggestion”, and move on with life.  No big deal.

Today, I got an actual Friend Request (not a suggestion) from the school’s page itself.
I have an overwhelming desire to reply back in a message something like …   “HAHAHAHAHAHA  Yeah right.”

I know, really mature of me.  But that’s the first thing that comes to mind.  Of course I won’t actually do that.  Because I know there is a real person, whomever he or she is, behind that page.  Probably one of my former classmates, and they were just being friendly in requesting me.  Which is cool.  And I have nothing against my classmates from there.  I just hated the school.

Also, isn’t it just a little weird to have a school sending you a friend request?  Yes, I know it’s actually someone I went to school with, behind a computer.  Still it seems strange.   I mean we are not talking about a business type page you can “Like”, we are talking about an actual page set up like a personal page.  Where does this end?  Will my post office be friend requesting me?  Will my gynecologist’s office be friend requesting me?

Now if my former elementary school, or junior high school had a page and requested me…  I’d ignore the mildly weird vibe of it and I’d probably be like, “Ok sure.”

But not The Black Hole of Doom that was my first high school.  Nope.  No Way.  Nada.

I would be more likely to “friend” my gynecologist.

Of course it is just a former classmate running the page and sending it.  Of that I am sure.  Schools can’t friend request you.  If they could, I would probably get a message from The Black Hole of Doom that said, “Screw you!  I hope your life sucks.”  And if The Black Hole of Doom sent me a friend request it would read more like, “Are you sure you don’t want to give me another shot at messing up your life?”

That’s what the message would say if it actually were from the school.    🙂


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