Sean Connery

You often hear people put Sean Connery up on some sort of pedestal, admired, respected, etc.  I wonder why people are so quick to overlook the fact that he thinks physically abusing a woman is ok.  Often it is not that they think it is ok, but rather that they aren’t aware of his views on the subject.  It amazes me the number of people who when you bring this up say, “No!  Not Sean Connery!  Not my hero!”  And sometimes people will argue over and over again that you simply must be wrong.  There is no way Sean Connery said that.  Well he did.

And now thanks to YouTube, it’s really easy and fast to prove it.
So for those in doubt….  watch it straight from the horse’s ass… I.. mean mouth.


4 Responses to “Sean Connery”

  1. dogkisses Says:

    Hi DorkyDeb–
    Wow. It sounds like Sean wants to have the last word in. –“and not a single complaint.” I wonder why?

    • Debbie Says:

      Yeah really.
      I get the impression he wouldn’t be a joy to live with. It’s interesting how Barbara Walters gave him the opportunity to soften what he’d previously said, but he didn’t. Then at the end of the segment she felt the need to try to soften it a little herself by bringing up how long he’d been married, as if thousands of women all across the world don’t stay in abusive relationships.

  2. dogkisses Says:

    Hi Debbie,
    I responded to you about me not having a contact form on my blog. I think I’m ready for a new theme, but my brain has to be a little more clear before I try it out.
    As I said, you can email me through a comment if you like.
    And I agree about Mr. Connery, I wouldn’t want to live with him either, plus he is kind of old now.
    I am going to read God and Dog, how could I not!

    • Debbie Says:

      I saw your reply, I just hadn’t responded yet, someone pulled me away from my desk right as I was about to before.
      I know what you mean about themes. I like the theme you have though. I can spend wayyyyyyy too long thinking through the various theme options myself. I need to add a contact or email link here for me, I hope to get to that later today/tonight. I was just going to say something that I wasn’t going to post publicly in a comment, that’s all. It wasn’t a big deal. 😉 Just more of a … Wow-I-can-relate-to-that-kind-of-thing.

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