God and Dog

I have often said over the years that if people were as honest as dogs, the world would be a very different place.  I like dogs.  I like how they relate to the world.  If a dog is your friend, you know it.  If a dog doesn’t like someone – they know it.  Dogs are about as honest as a creature can get.  If humans were half as honest and forgiving as dogs, imagine how the world could be.

I saw this video today.
There simply are not words for how much I love this video.

After I saw it, I did a little digging and found the artist’s website.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

~ ~ ~


6 Responses to “God and Dog”

  1. dog clickers Says:

    They are about as honest as it comes! I love my dogs…they’re the only ones I count on.

  2. dogkisses Says:

    Wow!!! That was absolutely awesome! It makes me want to upgrade my blog just to post it. It is so sweet, and so true.
    I have written some about my dogs. I wrote about my lab, Free, who was… more than words can say.
    Now I have the sweetest, most tender loving girl, Ruthie Mae, who hunts insects, but mostly does what dogs do, which is give, give and give. We also have a cute dog with a big head named Tiny. He is the elder in the family now.
    Dogs Rule!
    Thanks for sharing that beautiful video.

    • Debbie Says:

      Thanks for the comment! I am glad you enjoyed it. I love dogs too. They are great. 🙂
      You don’t have to upgrade your blog to post it. I will go through the steps and write them down, then repost them here. (I can’t remember them without going through the steps. LOL) But I’ll repost them here for you, that way you can post it or other video on your blog if you want.
      If I understand correctly, the upgrade fee is only for uploading your own videos and hosting that here and then it pulling from here. (I’m sure I’m not explaining that well.) But my point is, if you are linking to another place, like YouTube, you can insert the code for that and pay no upgrade fee. I’ll write down the steps for you and post them in a comment here. Hang on….

      • Debbie Says:

        Ok Go to the “Add New Post” screen. (like usual)
        (You probably know how you can post under the “Visual” tab or the “HTML” tab, I’m going to give you simple instructions for the Visual tab.)
        Type whatever you want before the video, then go to exactly where you want the video inserted at (like centered or whatever), then
        See where at the top it has “Upload/Insert” and out from that is some little icons.
        If you hover your mouse on them you’ll see some words. The first says “Add an Image” which you’ve probably used before.
        But the next one over says “Add Video”.
        To add a video without having an upgrade, (say to add a YouTube video) this is what you do. You click on that “Add Video” Icon.
        Then when that window pops up, it will automatically be on the “From Computer” tab (at the top). I think *that* is what you have to have the upgrade for, if you are uploading video directly to your account. But to add video from another site, click the tab right beside of “From Computer” that says “From URL”.
        If you are uploading from YouTube you don’t have to worry about any of that special code, ignore it all. You just need to copy the exact URL for the video you want to insert. Just open another tab on your computer browser and go to the *exact* YouTube page for that specific video you are wanting to upload. Then shade the URL (the full web address in your browser bar) and right click and copy it. (That is the URL for that specific video.)
        Then go back to your browser tab for your blog, and in the field where it says “URL” and it has a little red * sign, right click again and click “Paste”
        Then click “Insert into Post” and you’re done!
        It will probably look like a strip of code on your “Add New Post” page, but if you Preview it, or publish it, you’ll be able to see the video.

        I tried to be really specific, so it actually looks more complicated than it is. LOL If you try it, you’ll see it is super simple. I tried to bold the important parts.
        If I said something that doesn’t make sense, just ask me and I’ll try to fix it. 🙂

  3. dogkisses Says:

    Hi Debbie!
    How cool of you to give me directions! I can’t believe I didn’t know that about videos. I look forward to learning how to do this!
    I’ll have some time tomorrow I hope. I’m on my way to bed. It’s after midnight here so past my bedtime.
    I have an injured finger and I think I’m going to have to learn a voice program so I can stop typing for a while. I cut it in January and it still hurts. I have lots of technology that I need to learn so you’re directions really means a lot to me.
    Thank you!

    • Debbie Says:

      You’re welcome! It’s late here too. I’m just a night owl. LOL And I often don’t sleep well either. I learn something new all the time and think “I can’t believe I didn’t know that before!” So don’t feel bad. 🙂 I tried to put the important parts in bold, so that you could open it in a different window and glance back and forth at the directions as you do it, whenever you try. If you’re like me, I get kinda fuzzy when I look at a bunch of technical directions all at once. I hope the bold parts help. If you run into any problems feel free to ask me and I’ll help if I can. I added a contact page, the link is at the top. So if you hit a snag whenever you try it, you can comment or email me, whichever you like.
      I’m sorry about your finger, I hope it feels better soon!

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