Photo Friday

This is one of our dogs.  His name is Odie.
Yes, he is named after the cartoon, courtesy of one of our daughters.   🙂

Odie is a Black Mouth Mountain Cur.  We rescued him as a pup.  Someone was very cruel to Odie.  Very cruel.  When we took him in he had a head injury, severe mange, lots of worms, and he was suffering from severe malnutrition.  If someone even said “No” to the kids in his presence, he would hit the ground expecting to be hit.  It was awful.  He was with us for over a year before he realized that food really was going to come every single day and he didn’t have to inhale every bit of dog food the second he saw it.

One of his favorite past times is sliding down the hills.  He does it in grass.  He does it in wet grass.  He does it in snow.  It’s so much fun to watch.  But without fail, every time I get the camera, he stops and runs to me.  One of these days hopefully I’ll catch it on film and if I do, I’ll share it with you.  He slides down the long hill with the type of joy that you see in little kids.  It’s fun to watch.

He is a champ of a dog.  His personality is amazing.  The fragile, weak, bony, bald, infected, young dog turned into a well muscled, healthy bear of a dog.  He loves every one of us around here and is a great guard dog.  He is a special fella, who realizes we saved him.  He was an old enough pup when we rescued him that he remembers some of his bad treatment, but he also remembers that we saved him.  And there is nothing quite like the love of a dog that knows what you did for him.

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One Response to “Photo Friday”

  1. dogkisses Says:

    Hi Debbie,
    Finally made it over to read some of your blog. I love your story and sure hope you get that video. I’ve never seen a dog do that.
    Congratulations to you for saving Odie. My sweet girl, Ruthie Mae, was also abused before I got her. She still remembers at 4 and 1/2, so I wonder if they ever completely forget. Dogs are amazing in how they will still trust a human after one has abused them.
    My girl has become so strong, including her bark, which was quite meek when I first got her. No longer! She barks deep and loud like she means it. Her tail once stayed curled down between her legs and her ears usually back in fear. Now her tail is high, along with her head and those ears are straight up in the air. She was scared of everything at first, like brooms, garbage bags, mops, and especially electrical cords. She only recently for the first time in four years stepped over one I’d accidentally left on the floor after vacuuming.
    My son’s dog, who is ten now, has taught her a lot. She loves him so much she gives him kisses and I mean real kisses! I wish I could get that on video!
    I’ve been busy the past few days and haven’t had time to read as much of your blog as I intend to. I look forward to it Debbie.
    Thanks for sharing this heart-warming story!
    Give Odie a big hug from dogkisses.

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