There’s a skink in the living room

My morning started off with, “Um Deb, you might want to come down here.”

Sleepy me:  “Do I have to?”

Hubby:  “Yep.”

I walk downstairs to find a five-lined skink in the middle of our living room carpet.

I’m not sure how it got into the house.  They like to sun themselves out back and they startle when you go out the door. And on very rare occasions, they run inside accidentally.  So I’m guessing that probably happened sometime yesterday and we didn’t realize it.

I tried putting an old big plastic bowl over it and then sliding a magazine under it.  But that didn’t work, it escaped a few times trying that method.  I hated to use my hands because typically if they are startled that much, they will pop their tails off.  It’s their way of escaping predators, etc.  And I was really hoping it wouldn’t do that.

Finally after it escaped the bowl trick for the third time, it was highly motivated to find a place to hide.  So I had to scoop it up with my hands and hope that it wouldn’t decide to leave it’s tail with me.  (It didn’t, so I was happy about that.)

After I took it outside and tried to place it in the grass, it acted like, “Wow your hand isn’t too bad.”  And just hung out there for a bit.  Long enough that my husband went and got the camera and snapped a photo. Unfortunately my husband is not used to my camera and had it on the wrong setting, so the photo is blurry.

Then it scurried away.  Here’s one afterwards.

And a happy ending for all.



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