Happy Anniversary

a photo from our wedding day

Today was our wedding anniversary and while we didn’t have any set plans per se, I’m certain we didn’t plan on sweltering in the heat all day.  The air conditioning repair man was able to come out today (Thank God!).  I know they were very busy.  But we finally have cool air again, and just in the nick of time.  I was really feeling quite bad and still do.  It made for a tough day.  Honestly the heat would have been bad enough, but the humidity was the worst I think.

I heard there were some large scale black outs of electricity in some of the major cities.  My heart goes out to those folks. I hope they all manage to stay safe.

I know many Americans are facing tight budgets these days, and I thought this might be a good time to mention that anniversaries don’t have to be a fancy dinner or expensive presents.  We spent no money on our anniversary this year. And we had a rather nice one.  The kind of anniversary that just leaves you with nice warm fuzzy feelings about the day.

I first got online today to find my husband had left this message on my Facebook page:

Love brought us together as husband and wife, and gave each of us a best friend for life.  Happy Anniversary to my Darling Wife!   I love you Honey.

Great way to start the day.  Best anniversary present ever.  Seriously.
No cards were exchanged (and I admit I like cards), no fancy presents exchanged.  Just heart felt words.  We talked about our past and our future a bit and it was nice.

Things don’t have to cost money to be special.


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