First steps

Yesterday our 11 month old baby girl took her first steps. She has been able to walk for quite some time, but yesterday was the first time that she was brave enough to let go and do it on her own, without holding onto anyone. For the past couple of weeks she’s been walking holding your hand and not actually using it, but she feels more secure just to know it’s there.

We were all in the living room, so the entire family got to see her take these first steps. I think her brother and sister were more excited than anyone.  It was quite precious.

When they took their first steps, I don’t recall them noticing it at all. They just walked to whatever they wanted and were far more interested in whatever had caught their attention than what they had just accomplished. But this one, this one knew exactly what she had done.  She was so very proud of herself.  She yelled, “Dada Dada DADA!” when she got to where she was going, as she turned to see if her precious DaDa was watching. She is quite the Daddy’s girl.

And she was so excited when we clapped for her, she clapped along with us.   🙂

I had my first two children very close together, “Irish twins” everyone tells me (LOL). They are 11 months apart. So, I kind of learned all the new baby parenting stuff with them together. But one of the things that you learn with subsequent children, that you don’t realize with the first, is how incredibly fast it all seems to go.

I remember what it was like to be bored sometimes. I remember that concept. But once you have kids life just seems to whirl by. It’s not that you are constantly busy (although it sure feels like it). But it’s that even when you do choose to relax there are 500 things on your mind that you feel you “should” be doing.  As if relaxing isn’t a “should” do sort of thing.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that my oldest was toddling around the Christmas presents, using them to stand and walk. And now he’s 7 years old. So what comes with this knowledge, and the fact that this is our last baby, is that every moment feels even more precious. With my first two I didn’t realize how fast it would fly by. How I would seem to just blink my eyes and they were so much bigger.

Knowing now how fast it flies by, and that we most likely won’t be doing it again, I want to hold onto every moment. Soak it all in. All the baby kisses, the smiles, the giggles, the tiny wiggly toes. I wish I could just bottle these feelings and pull them out later. The sense of joy in our living room yesterday as our youngest took her first steps was wonderful. I want to remember it forever.

What is a moment you want to remember forever?


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