Is it stuck?

Today I was standing at the kitchen stove cooking and my 6 year old daughter was sitting at the table playing her Nintendo DS. She was having some sort of issue with her game.  I don’t know what.  I couldn’t see the game from where I was standing.  But she started loudly fussing at it.  I said, “You know the game can’t hear you right?”  “Yes” she said, and went back to fussing at it.

I said, “What is wrong?”

She said, “I am hitting the right button but it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do.”

I said, “Is it locked up?”

“What?” she said.

I said, “Is the game locked up?”

“What does locked up mean?” she said.

I said, “Is it stuck?  You know, is the game stuck?”

She sat there for a few seconds, turned her head to the side a little like she was trying to look at it from a different angle.   Then she grabbed it with her left hand, lifting it off the table, and while holding it up in the air she said, “Nope!  It’s not stuck.  See I lifted it right off the table.”



3 Responses to “Is it stuck?”

  1. theworldaccordingtomax Says:

    LOL Sounds like my Max. Very cute post! And I LOVE your disclaimer over on the sidebar!
    Come by and visit my world for a giggle too. Or rather, Max’s world:

  2. Debbie Says:

    Thanks! And I’ll check out Max’s world. 😉 Thanks for the invite.

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