Stupid Ol Larry

My kids were watching a Veggie Tales DVD and my 7 year old son wanted to watch the special features at the end that show how the characters are drawn. My 6 year old daughter did not.  An argument ensued.

My daughter:  “I don’t wanna watch this!”

My son:  “But it teaches you something!  It teaches you how to draw the characters!”

My daughter:  “Yeah, but it’s not like I’m gonna grow up to draw some stupid ‘ol Larry.”



2 Responses to “Stupid Ol Larry”

  1. rubensepulvedajunior Says:

    Lol. I got my laugh for the day.

  2. Debbie Says:

    Glad you got a laugh out of it. I did too when she said it. 😉
    Thanks for the comment!

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