Things Kids Say

If you’ve been reading here for very long, you know that I often share some of the odd ball things that my kids say. Usually when they come up with random things, I find them amusing.  But sometimes…. not so much.

One of those “sometimes” occurred this week while I was at the optometrist with my six-year-old daughter. While we were looking over the choices of frames for her new glasses, some typical (and not so typical) conversation occurred. It started off with the typical, how old is she, where does she go to school, etc.  Which led to our answer that we home school.  No biggie.  My daughter was apparently in a chatty mood and she was enjoying speaking to the other people in the room. But not 10 minutes after telling the woman assisting us that she was homeschooled, she says, “I don’t know my alphabet.”

WHAT?!?!?!  Where did that come from? She knows her alphabet.  She’s known her alphabet for years!

I still don’t know why she said that.  It was so bizarre. It’s not like her to lie, so I’m not sure what she was thinking that made her say that.

So I replied, “What?  Yes you do know your alphabet.”  And she said, “No I don’t.”  Again I am totally baffled. Where is this coming from? And the nice lady is sitting there very politely but I can’t help but wonder if she is thinking all sorts of nasty things about homeschoolers and wondering if my 6-year-old actually doesn’t know her ABCs.

So I say to my daughter, “If you don’t know your alphabet, then how did you just read that chart of letters up there with no mistakes?”

She replies, “That doesn’t count.”

I say, “Why not?”

She says in her most formal voice, “Because it does not have all of the letters of the alphabet.  For instance, where is Z?  ….. There is no Z on that chart.”

I looked at the chart, and sure enough, No Z.

I say to her, “If you don’t know your alphabet then how did you know there was a Z missing?”

She pauses.

Then she replies, “Well, I suppose you have a point.”



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