New clothes

I have lost a lot of weight.  That’s a good thing.  Not having enough clothes that fit… not so good.  This is more than a “budget” issue.  I am allergic to many things.  So finding clothing can be a bit tricky.  Not impossible, but tricky.  Since I haven’t landed at a stable weight yet, I don’t want to spend too much getting clothes that may not fit me later.

I have achieved my weight loss goal.  And now I’m just continuing healthy habits and seeing where I land.  So at the moment, I am continuing to loose.

Anyway…  I got a new tank top awhile back and hadn’t tried it on yet.  This evening I tried it on.  It went something like this:

Me: “What do you think?’

Hubby: “WOW!  It’s … it’s… great!”

Me (shocked because he’s not usually that enthusiastic about clothing): “Really?  You like it?”

Hubby: “I LOVE it.  It’s great.  ………..(pause)….. Just so long as you never wear it out of the house.”


LOL  I guess that means he really liked it.  Ha!



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