What matters most.

One of the few “benefits” of dealing with illness is that I think you have a better perspective of what matters most in life. Or what is really important to you.  It’s the first things that flash through your mind when you worry you might not make it.  But even for those of us dealing with illness, some moments can really shove what matters most, right to the forefront of your mind in an instant.

This evening my parents were watching our 14 month old daughter for a little while.  I called to tell them my husband would be getting her soon to bring her home.  Then my Mom & I started to chit chat a bit and while we were on the phone I hear my Mom tell my baby “No”.  Then I hear my Mom tell my Dad to “check her”.  Then my Mom screams, “She’s choking turn her upside down, turn her upside down!”  Then she turns back to the phone and says, “I have to hang up now!”

And she hangs up.

Can you say heart attack?  Because I nearly had one.  I start screaming for my husband, who was just stepping out of the shower and getting dressed.  “Go to Mom & Dad’s!  Go to Mom & Dad’s NOW! Something is wrong with the baby!”
(FYI – my husband is a nurse and my parents live very close by.)

I spend the next couple of minutes trapped in some sort of suspended space.  Pure terror running through my mind.  My son asks, “What is wrong?  Why did Daddy run out of here?”  I said, “I don’t know, something is wrong with the baby. I think she is choking, we need to pray for her.”  And the kids and I prayed.   I know it was only a couple of minutes, if that, but it felt like an eternity.  Then the phone rang.  It was my mom.  The baby was fine.  She scared my Mom, big time.  But she was fine.

Apparently my baby girl thought it was a good idea to grab the last hunk of her biter cookie, shove it in her mouth, and then swig back her bottle.  Which resulted in a little distress, but she was never actually choking or not breathing.  But to my Mom across the room, it looked that way.

It probably shaved a few more years off my life and gave me 100 grey hairs, but WHO CARES?!?!?  I was just so happy to see my little sweetheart come home as happy as ever, like nothing had ever happened.  After her bath, the whole family all piled on my bed together for awhile and I felt as content as I ever have in my entire life.


2 Responses to “What matters most.”

  1. thypolarlife Says:

    What a sweet post! I know all too well exactly what you are referring to. In a way I have become thankful for the illnesses that I live with because after being diagnosed I have learned to slow down a bit. I find beauty in things I would normally have missed out on and appreciate the smaller things more. I look at life differently than I did. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Debbie Says:

    Thank you. 🙂 Learning to slow down was a huge adjustment for me. But I notice tiny things so much more too. I would never choose to have struggles with my health, but it doesn’t hurt to look for the positives in any situation I think.
    Thank you for the comment.

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