A Gift that Kept on Giving

This post was inspired by thypolarlife’s recent blog post, titled Dare to Share.  Her story is way funnier, so I highly recommend you read it first.  But I told her in a comment, that her story reminded me of something that happened to me in junior high and that I would share it here.  While my story is not nearly as cringe worthy or funny…. here ya go!

One day in junior high, two of my closest girl friends said that they had a present for me.  They had put it in my locker and wanted me to be sure and stop and get it at lunch.  (One of the friends was my locker buddy.)  I could tell by the sneaky smiles on their faces that they were up to something, but I didn’t mind. I was curious.

So at lunch time we go to the locker and I pull out a poster.  It was a BIG poster, so it was rolled up and stuck inside the tall, lower portion of our locker.  As I pulled it out (still in a roll), a teacher comes down the hallway.  Not any teacher – because that’s just not how my luck works.

It was one of the strictest teachers in the school.

She says, “Hello Girls!” and waves her hand.  We all three chimed back “Hello Mrs.   ……”  and as I went to wave back, I lost my grip on the poster.  (Being a clumsy dork is not a new thing with me.)  And I managed to catch it, but only part of it.  The rest of the roll went swooshing downward till it landed on my shoes.  I was still holding the top of the poster.

Suddenly the teacher’s formerly cheery face went pale, and she gasped.  Yes, she actually… and audibly I might add… gasped.   And I’m thinking to myself, “Oh great what is on this thing.”  And I scramble to roll it back up or something – probably looking as guilty as a person possibly could while doing it.  I don’t recall if she said anything after that.  I don’t believe she did.  But I do remember the scowl of disapproval as she walked off.

It was after she was gone and my two friends started simultaneously giggling and begging for forgiveness, that I actually got to see the poster.  It was a nearly nude male model.  In a very seductive pose, with a tiny red bikini on.  He wasn’t even attractive.  And he had a look on his face as he gestured with his hand, as if he were thinking, “Look at the giant red banana sling between my legs.  Yes look upon it, it’s right there.


Oh, yeah, and I had her for class later that day.  Where I continued to get the scowl of disapproval.  A great gift really, one that single-handedly managed to change a teachers opinion of me over night.

I actually ran into this same teacher in a store awhile back.  I swear I think there was a hint of the scowl of disapproval left when she saw me after all these years.  LOL!

Yes, a gift that kept on giving.



4 Responses to “A Gift that Kept on Giving”

  1. ChaseK8 Says:

    hahahaha…very cute story!!! both yours and thypolarlife’s 🙂

  2. thypolarlife Says:

    LMAO. That is too funny. Don’t feel bad, I have the worst luck also. My husband always says that if it’s going to happen, it will happen to me. 😉

    I would have died laughing. I love those kinds of memories. Thanks for sharing and making me smile.

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