Cell Phones: Disruptive or Learning Tool ?

There are several reasons I get a kick out of following the local news website.  Usually it’s the fact that they make so many typos and grammatical errors that it makes me feel better about myself.  😉

But …  today there was this:

Interesting story placement don’t you think?

Cell phones are disruptive and must be removed!

…. or perhaps…..

They are a learning tool, let’s find some sponsors to get our kids some!

Apparently the local public schools cannot decide.  LOL!


2 Responses to “Cell Phones: Disruptive or Learning Tool ?”

  1. thypolarlife Says:

    Public schools can’t seem to get their act together. I wish that the could make a solid decision and stick with it. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. I’m on the fence with this subject honestly. When I was in school it was essential that we learn how to do things without the use of technology. Nowadays, its more essential for the kids to be taught how to use the technology. Using GPS and internet on a cell phone may be an important skill. You’d be surprised how many people can’t do it. Considering the rate at which technology is improving, just in the last couple of years, if these kids aren’t taught this stuff now they will be way behind by the time they graduate high school.

    • Debbie Says:

      I agree that they can’t get their act together. Even those that are trying, are faced with so much opposition that it is hard for them to improve things.

      In regards to this specific topic, I honestly haven’t given a lot of thought to cell phones in schools. We homeschool, so the topic of cell phones in the public school classroom is not really “on my radar” so to speak.

      Personally I think it is important for kids to learn how to use technology, but I have seen first hand how the public school system wants to do something flashy and headline grabbing in regards to technology – while totally failing to teach many children basic skills. While I think technology is important, if you can’t read, that should come first.

      But I did find the fact that both articles headlined the local news on the same day rather amusing. 🙂

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