Facebook Adds Hide This Post Option

If you read my previous post about Politics on Facebook, you may remember my final line in the post:
“Perhaps the best option would be a “hide this post” option, without hiding the person’s entire feed.  So that at least when you read it once, you didn’t have to see it again.”

I actually sent that suggestion to Facebook.  I’m sure other people have as well.  But I was pleasantly surprised to notice something new today.  I got online this morning to be greeted with yet another onslaught of political ranting from a person that I care about dearly, but tire of seeing their constant political posts.  Today I decided I’d had enough, I was just going to have to “Hide” the posts from that person.  I hated to do that, as I don’t want to miss that person’s status updates that are actually about them, and not politics.  But I’d had enough, and I was going to add this person to the short list of folks on my friend’s list of whom I have hidden their feed.  (Which means it doesn’t come into my feed, and I only see it if I visit their page.)

When I hovered in that right corner for the “x” box menu to pop up, I saw this:

Can I tell you how excited I was to see this????  At least now I only have to see these posts once.  Then I can hide that post only, and still not miss out on the rest of the person’s updates.  It’s not a perfect fix.  But I like it.  That way it isn’t hanging around on my feed page all day long.  And I don’t have to hide everything they post, or unfriend someone that I want to keep on my friend’s list.  (I blacked out the name, because I chose a random person’s post to take a screen shot of, to show you what it looks like.)

I encourage all of you to go forth and de-stress your Facebook feed page whenever you need to.




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