Ok this is entertaining. LOL!

This cracked me up, on so many levels.  And WOW can Jimmy Fallon sing!

I just had to share it.  It’s Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) performing Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair”, with Bruce Springsteen.

And yes, you read that correctly.  😉


Edited to add: Is it just me, or in this video does Bruce Springsteen look like Joaquin Phoenix during his “I’m Still Here” music career hoax phase?


God and Dog

I have often said over the years that if people were as honest as dogs, the world would be a very different place.  I like dogs.  I like how they relate to the world.  If a dog is your friend, you know it.  If a dog doesn’t like someone – they know it.  Dogs are about as honest as a creature can get.  If humans were half as honest and forgiving as dogs, imagine how the world could be.

I saw this video today.
There simply are not words for how much I love this video.

After I saw it, I did a little digging and found the artist’s website.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

~ ~ ~

Sean Connery

You often hear people put Sean Connery up on some sort of pedestal, admired, respected, etc.  I wonder why people are so quick to overlook the fact that he thinks physically abusing a woman is ok.  Often it is not that they think it is ok, but rather that they aren’t aware of his views on the subject.  It amazes me the number of people who when you bring this up say, “No!  Not Sean Connery!  Not my hero!”  And sometimes people will argue over and over again that you simply must be wrong.  There is no way Sean Connery said that.  Well he did.

And now thanks to YouTube, it’s really easy and fast to prove it.
So for those in doubt….  watch it straight from the horse’s ass… I.. mean mouth.