My pants are growing!

Ok… not really.
The truth is, I am shrinking.  But one of the more interesting aspects of weight loss (for me) has been the issue of growing pants.  I have lost so much weight that my pants just get longer and longer.  Luckily for me my mother is super sweet and has hemmed many of them for me.   But many are just beyond the point of being able to tailor and continue to wear.

Today I decided to try on a pair of pants that formerly fit me (eek!) .  The result was pretty surprising.  They are now so big on me that the waistband comes over my chest.  My husband told me that all I need is some straps and I’d have a really funky looking clown suit.  (Thanks Babe!)  The sight of me in these pants is so amusing, that I thought about taking a photograph of it.  But then chickened out and opted for an illustration instead.