If you don’t want me to make fun of you on the internet…

Last night I told my husband, “You know, walking around shirtless in 30 degree weather wearing only shorts, big heavy black wool socks, and a pair of croc shoes, is like begging for me to make fun of you on the internet.”


FYI:  There is no accompanying photo with this post because… well he’s evil and would pay me back in a far worse way. So you’ll just have to use your imagination. 😉


Ok this is entertaining. LOL!

This cracked me up, on so many levels.  And WOW can Jimmy Fallon sing!

I just had to share it.  It’s Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) performing Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair”, with Bruce Springsteen.

And yes, you read that correctly.  😉


Edited to add: Is it just me, or in this video does Bruce Springsteen look like Joaquin Phoenix during his “I’m Still Here” music career hoax phase?

So what do you think Grandpa does at camp?

Today my six year old daughter was commenting on the fact that her Grandpa is at camp for a few days with her Great Uncle Chester.

So just out of curiosity I asked her, “What do you think PawPaw and Uncle Chester do at camp?”

She said, “Go camping.” (In a voice that said, Duh Mom.)

I said, “Yeah, but what do you think they do there?”

She said, “They sit around a campfire and sing songs of course!”

While I was giggling at that mental picture she said, “WHAT?!! They do, I’m sure of it.”