Pre-printed love notes from Mom?

A few days ago I was in a bookstore with my husband and I saw this.

What is this, you say?

Well as far as I could tell, it was a booklet of pre-printed tear out notes of love, encouragement, etc. “from Mom”.

Complete with suggestions to stick them in in your children’s lunch boxes, backpacks, etc.

I recall first seeing a booklet of these a couple of years ago and being kind of shocked at the time.

But this week I noticed that there were more of these types of booklets, and in various styles, etc.  So does that mean these things have caught on and are actually selling?

Have we really became a society so detached from our children that we need pre-printed, perforated love notes from Mom?

If you want to leave your child a note, does it really take too much time to write that short sentence in your own handwriting, and I dunno… actually sign it?


Ok this is entertaining. LOL!

This cracked me up, on so many levels.  And WOW can Jimmy Fallon sing!

I just had to share it.  It’s Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) performing Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair”, with Bruce Springsteen.

And yes, you read that correctly.  😉


Edited to add: Is it just me, or in this video does Bruce Springsteen look like Joaquin Phoenix during his “I’m Still Here” music career hoax phase?

Cell Phones: Disruptive or Learning Tool ?

There are several reasons I get a kick out of following the local news website.  Usually it’s the fact that they make so many typos and grammatical errors that it makes me feel better about myself.  😉

But …  today there was this:

Interesting story placement don’t you think?

Cell phones are disruptive and must be removed!

…. or perhaps…..

They are a learning tool, let’s find some sponsors to get our kids some!

Apparently the local public schools cannot decide.  LOL!