Random bits of this and that, and a free song

As I write this, it’s well after midnight and I’m more awake now than I’ve felt all day.  I have always been a night owl by nature but the past couple of years the shift off of day light savings time change, has left me worse than usual.  I find myself wanting to be completely opposite (asleep during the day, up all night).  Which obviously isn’t a workable solution, for a wide variety of reasons.  I don’t mind being a night owl, but I can’t go completely opposite of “normal”.  I find myself needing sunshine this time of year badly anyway, and it doesn’t help if you sleep through what little of it there is. But with my health issues missing out on too much sleep is very bad also.  So I try to strike some sort of balance.

Today has been a bit of a bust.  Nothing horrible.  Just a general blah, non-productive sort of day for me.  I hate those. I just haven’t had the energy or stamina to get much of anything accomplished today.  That’s the sort of day that I find extremely frustrating.

I thought I would share, if you are looking for Christmas songs, Amazon has lots of free mp3’s posted this time of year.   If you just look around.  This is not a sponsored post, nor is this any sort of affiliate link.  I just thought I’d share this with you.  I got quite a few neat little Christmas mp3s for free last year from Amazon.  And while you do have to sort through some crap to find good freebies, there are good ones on there.

I liked this version of Silent Night, by SixPence None the Richer.  That one song I linked directly to, off that album, is free right now.  I’m not sure how long that will last, but it is free at the moment.  And free is good right?  😉

Right now it’s 19 degrees outside, snowy and windy.  I can’t help but think about the two veterans I spoke of in my earlier post.  My husband went out to check on them again today.  He said the road to where they are camping out is rough and it didn’t look like anyone had been up it today.  But someone had brought them a load of firewood since he was last there.  And they weren’t out of the bottled water or canned food yet.  My husband took them some more meat for their fire today.

We wanted to make sure they weren’t out of propane yet, since those little canisters they are using to heat their tent don’t last long.  But they were doing ok.  Their spirits seem good, in spite of their circumstances.  I’m not going to share too many of their personal details here, because I haven’t asked permission to do so and it just wouldn’t feel right.  But they talked about how much they appreciate the people in this area and how much the local community has done to help them.  They are on a list for housing, but the waiting list is long.  They said some members of a local church chipped in and got them a cell phone with a few pre-paid minutes, that way they could call out if they have an emergency, and keep in contact with the VA.  My husband talked to them for a little while, but he didn’t want to keep them out of the tent for long since it is so cold out.


Cell Phones: Disruptive or Learning Tool ?

There are several reasons I get a kick out of following the local news website.  Usually it’s the fact that they make so many typos and grammatical errors that it makes me feel better about myself.  😉

But …  today there was this:

Interesting story placement don’t you think?

Cell phones are disruptive and must be removed!

…. or perhaps…..

They are a learning tool, let’s find some sponsors to get our kids some!

Apparently the local public schools cannot decide.  LOL!

The Difference Between Men and Women

So we were going down the interstate today.  In a particularly tricky area with lots of lane changes, tractor trailers breaking the speed limit, and people driving poorly.  An area that, for all of the aforementioned reasons, is rather accident prone.

I look over to my right and I see this truck with a smallish, flat, open, trailer behind it.  On the trailer is a very long skinny piece of steel.  The steel pole is sticking out….  I’m going to guess…. approximately 12 feet past the end of the trailer, at a tilt, ending at about windshield height, if a car were behind it.  It had a small red flag tied to the end, as law requires, but it was still very hard to see.

To me it just looked like a horrible accident waiting to happen.  As we came to the area with heavy lane changes (oh and did I mention this is also all taking place on a bridge?), a car driving too fast is quickly approaching the pipe, while changing lanes.  In that nanosecond it looked as if that car was going to drive directly into that pipe.

And in that nanosecond, my husband and I both said something out loud at the exact same time.

I said, in a worried tone, “Oh my Gosh!”

My husband said (in a tone you might use while watch America’s Funniest Home Videos), “Oh Watch this!”


The car ended up crossing into yet another lane, so by the time it was even with the pipe, it was in different lane.  But from our angle the whole thing looked very close.

My husband said our reactions were a perfect example of the differences between men and women.  Then he added, “And yeah, you can blog that.”   😉