A robber, a bad man, or maybe…..

Tonight around 10 pm I was standing at my kitchen sink washing dishes and out the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw a dark figure go past the little window in front of me.  I shook it off, telling myself, “Oh I’m sure it’s nothing.” And went back to washing.  But I couldn’t help but keep glancing up and out the window.  And a few minutes later there it was again!  This time I was SURE it was a tall dark figure of a man who went quickly past my window.  I yelled for my husband who was in the next room to come, as I crossed the room to try to look out the next window.

I see the tall figure of a man rushing down our sidewalk.  Then he stops for a second, and what’s that?

What’s that he’s doing?

Did he just sweep something off my sidewalk?

That’s when I saw just enough of the jacket to know it was my DAD.

I flipped the porch lights on and off.  And I waved and he waved back.  I waited a few minutes for him to walk home, then I called my parents and told my Mom to tell my Dad that the next time someone asks him what his hobbies are he’s going to have to include, “SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF DEB !”     🙂

Now that my dad is retired, you just never know where he’s going to be.  Or when.

Now I wouldn’t want anyone to mistake anything I say.  I mean how many people love you enough to walk to your house in 19 degree weather to sweep your sidewalk because another 2 inches of snow came down since he last took a leaf blower to it earlier in the evening?  Seriously?  How many people do you know?  Exactly.

My parents are great.  And I love that my Daddy loves me enough to do sweet stuff like that.  But seriously… he needs to call and give me a heads-up first or something.  Or I’m going to have a heart attack one of these days!

See the thing about those moments is that you don’t think logically.  Had I used that pesky little thing called logic, I would know that if anybody else had even stepped foot around here, the dogs would have went completely and totally BAT SHIT CRAZY. The likelihood of anyone setting foot within 200 yards of my house without everyone knowing about it is about…. zilch.  So the chances that someone could walk down the sidewalk without so much as a peep from my family’s army of furred guards ranging from 10 lbs to nearly 200 lbs… well ….  it aint’ happenin.  And anyone stupid enough to try it well, I feel sorry for them, because if the dogs don’t get them, one of the many well-armed Veterans around here just might.  But the problem is, in the moment of standing there washing the dishes, None of that LOGICAL crap runs through my mind.  All that runs through my mind is,


Random bits of this and that, and a free song

As I write this, it’s well after midnight and I’m more awake now than I’ve felt all day.  I have always been a night owl by nature but the past couple of years the shift off of day light savings time change, has left me worse than usual.  I find myself wanting to be completely opposite (asleep during the day, up all night).  Which obviously isn’t a workable solution, for a wide variety of reasons.  I don’t mind being a night owl, but I can’t go completely opposite of “normal”.  I find myself needing sunshine this time of year badly anyway, and it doesn’t help if you sleep through what little of it there is. But with my health issues missing out on too much sleep is very bad also.  So I try to strike some sort of balance.

Today has been a bit of a bust.  Nothing horrible.  Just a general blah, non-productive sort of day for me.  I hate those. I just haven’t had the energy or stamina to get much of anything accomplished today.  That’s the sort of day that I find extremely frustrating.

I thought I would share, if you are looking for Christmas songs, Amazon has lots of free mp3’s posted this time of year.   If you just look around.  This is not a sponsored post, nor is this any sort of affiliate link.  I just thought I’d share this with you.  I got quite a few neat little Christmas mp3s for free last year from Amazon.  And while you do have to sort through some crap to find good freebies, there are good ones on there.

I liked this version of Silent Night, by SixPence None the Richer.  That one song I linked directly to, off that album, is free right now.  I’m not sure how long that will last, but it is free at the moment.  And free is good right?  😉

Right now it’s 19 degrees outside, snowy and windy.  I can’t help but think about the two veterans I spoke of in my earlier post.  My husband went out to check on them again today.  He said the road to where they are camping out is rough and it didn’t look like anyone had been up it today.  But someone had brought them a load of firewood since he was last there.  And they weren’t out of the bottled water or canned food yet.  My husband took them some more meat for their fire today.

We wanted to make sure they weren’t out of propane yet, since those little canisters they are using to heat their tent don’t last long.  But they were doing ok.  Their spirits seem good, in spite of their circumstances.  I’m not going to share too many of their personal details here, because I haven’t asked permission to do so and it just wouldn’t feel right.  But they talked about how much they appreciate the people in this area and how much the local community has done to help them.  They are on a list for housing, but the waiting list is long.  They said some members of a local church chipped in and got them a cell phone with a few pre-paid minutes, that way they could call out if they have an emergency, and keep in contact with the VA.  My husband talked to them for a little while, but he didn’t want to keep them out of the tent for long since it is so cold out.

Thankful Journal

Since it is the time of year that we often spend thinking about the issue of thankfulness, I thought this might be a good time to write an article I’ve had in my head for a while.  It is just something that I do, that I thought others might like to do as well.

For years I have kept what I call my “Thankful Journal”.  I get a small, narrow journal and in the front of it I write…

Today I am Thankful for…

Then on the rest of the pages I place the date, then I finish the rest of that sentence.  Skip a space, then repeat on the next day.  So the journal lasts for a very long time.  Here’s an example from my own Thankful Journal:

a fun telephone conversation with an old friend.

See how simple that is? I try to pick it up every day and write at least one thing every day.  It is not a “journal” in the long drawn out form.  It is literally just the last half of a sentence every day.  It doesn’t have to be something big, it can be any thing.  And sometimes I forget for a day or two.  I try not to, but it happens.  And I don’t stress about it. It’s not a chore, it’s a Thankful Journal.   😉

If your budget allows, I recommend getting a pretty little journal that looks like the keepsake that it is.  If your budget does not allow, you can use anything, a notebook, anything.  Just keep it separate from other journaling, etc. so that the focus remains clear.

In the past I used some lovely journals by Paperblanks.  But my latex sensitivity will no longer tolerate the odor of the adhesive in their binding.  I then went on the search for something affordable, and latex-free, that was slightly nicer than a plain wire notebook.  I found these:  (I apologize in advance for the not-so-great image quality.)

M brand by Staples Journals

They are a Staples brand. I have never seen them on their website, only in stores. They are currently $3.99 for a 3 pack.  Which works out to $1.33 each. Which isn’t bad at all for how long they last, when writing just a short half of a sentence each day.

Each 6 x 4 inch mini journal has 80 narrow ruled pages. Several days worth typically fits on each page, so one 3 pack could easily last you 3 years.

3 cover styles per pack

While not quite as fancy or durable as my former, hard-bound Paperblanks journals, these are nice and are bound in a way that does not give me asthma attacks – which is a necessity for me.

My point is, even with limitations physical or financial, most can find some nice little book in which to keep a Thankful Journal.

Another option would be to keep a private blog.  But for something like this, I prefer a journal, something physical I can hold and look at, and have with me anywhere at any time.

I find it to be a simple, yet worthwhile activity.  It makes me consciously stop and make an effort to be thankful each and every day.  And on low days (and we all have those), you can not only find one simple thing to be thankful for, but you can open up your Thankful Journal and read back over it.  And you will be reminded of all of the wonderful blessings in your life.

Ok this is entertaining. LOL!

This cracked me up, on so many levels.  And WOW can Jimmy Fallon sing!

I just had to share it.  It’s Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) performing Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair”, with Bruce Springsteen.

And yes, you read that correctly.  😉


Edited to add: Is it just me, or in this video does Bruce Springsteen look like Joaquin Phoenix during his “I’m Still Here” music career hoax phase?

That’s Emperor Punk to You!

Typically I tune out most kid conversation (i.e. conversations between my kids that don’t involve me), unless something catches my ear.  But sometimes I catch little gems like this.

Now before I tell you what she said, you must picture a little 6 year old girl saying this in a sassy and incredibly confident voice, to her 7 year old brother.

“You could NEVER run a Roman Empire!”  (in a voice that said A HAHAHAHA)

and she followed it 10 seconds later with….

“AND even if you could……  you’d still be a punk.”

A Gift that Kept on Giving

This post was inspired by thypolarlife’s recent blog post, titled Dare to Share.  Her story is way funnier, so I highly recommend you read it first.  But I told her in a comment, that her story reminded me of something that happened to me in junior high and that I would share it here.  While my story is not nearly as cringe worthy or funny…. here ya go!

One day in junior high, two of my closest girl friends said that they had a present for me.  They had put it in my locker and wanted me to be sure and stop and get it at lunch.  (One of the friends was my locker buddy.)  I could tell by the sneaky smiles on their faces that they were up to something, but I didn’t mind. I was curious.

So at lunch time we go to the locker and I pull out a poster.  It was a BIG poster, so it was rolled up and stuck inside the tall, lower portion of our locker.  As I pulled it out (still in a roll), a teacher comes down the hallway.  Not any teacher – because that’s just not how my luck works.

It was one of the strictest teachers in the school.

She says, “Hello Girls!” and waves her hand.  We all three chimed back “Hello Mrs.   ……”  and as I went to wave back, I lost my grip on the poster.  (Being a clumsy dork is not a new thing with me.)  And I managed to catch it, but only part of it.  The rest of the roll went swooshing downward till it landed on my shoes.  I was still holding the top of the poster.

Suddenly the teacher’s formerly cheery face went pale, and she gasped.  Yes, she actually… and audibly I might add… gasped.   And I’m thinking to myself, “Oh great what is on this thing.”  And I scramble to roll it back up or something – probably looking as guilty as a person possibly could while doing it.  I don’t recall if she said anything after that.  I don’t believe she did.  But I do remember the scowl of disapproval as she walked off.

It was after she was gone and my two friends started simultaneously giggling and begging for forgiveness, that I actually got to see the poster.  It was a nearly nude male model.  In a very seductive pose, with a tiny red bikini on.  He wasn’t even attractive.  And he had a look on his face as he gestured with his hand, as if he were thinking, “Look at the giant red banana sling between my legs.  Yes look upon it, it’s right there.


Oh, yeah, and I had her for class later that day.  Where I continued to get the scowl of disapproval.  A great gift really, one that single-handedly managed to change a teachers opinion of me over night.

I actually ran into this same teacher in a store awhile back.  I swear I think there was a hint of the scowl of disapproval left when she saw me after all these years.  LOL!

Yes, a gift that kept on giving.


The List of Things I Like and Don’t Like

Leave it to my kids to find a way to make me smile, even on a crummy day.

Or in this case, almost make me choke with laughter.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me set the scene.

My son is sitting at the kitchen table, and I am doing some things in the kitchen and he is rambling 100 mph and I’m catching bits and pieces of what he is saying.  When suddenly I realize that what I just heard didn’t make any sense.

I knew he was telling me about a list that he had came up with, but the things I was hearing seemed unrelated.  So I was confused.  I said, “This is a list of what?”   He said, “A list of things I like and don’t like.”  I said, “Oh”, still a little confused by the concept.   So I asked him to repeat it.

This is what he said:

The List of Things I Like and Don’t Like

(as said by my 7 year old son)

1. Star Wars

2.  Dinosaurs

3.  Indiana Jones

4.  Science

5.  Hello Kitty -” And that’s where things start to go bad,” he said in a menacing tone.

6.  Princesses

7.  Fairies

8.  The Devil.

At this point my husband is listening as well and he says, “The devil, eh?”
And in a tone that says duh you should know this Dad, our son replies, “Well then it goes to the Devil because the devil is bad too you know.”
My husband says, “Yes, the devil is bad.”
Our son says “Well, there’s lots of bad things, but the devil is the baddest.”

“After Fairies and Princesses?”  my husband says.

“Of course.”  replies our son.

“But right after fairies and princesses, there’s nothing in-between fairies and the devil?”  my husband asks.

“Well of course DAD, but it’s not a list of everything in the world.  Duh.”

LOL   🙂